Nile Blue: More than Just a Pretty Thing

Egyptian glass is usefull for more than creating a beautiful exhibit.  Some Egyptian glass is very distinct and can help archaeologists learn if Egypt traded its glass objects to other empires.  

One type of special Egyptian glass is called cobalt-blue glass because of the addition of cobalt to the glass-making process.  It is different than glass made in Mesopotamia or made in Egypt by Mesopotamian workers.  Studying the chemical make-up of glass could show how glass-making evolved in Egypt and became a recognizable, Egyptian tradition.   

Right Eye from an Anthropoid Coffin from the Brooklyn Museum

Right Eye from Coffin

This right eye from a wooden coffin is made from blue glass surrounding white and black carved stones.  The ancient Egyptians described their gods has having gold skin and lapis lazuli hair, eyebrows, and eyelids.  Therefore, blue in the eye was meant to protray the deceased as a god.    

Nile Blue: More than Just a Pretty Thing